Create Upbeat Awareness by Video Marketing Trade Shows

Like most things in life, there is a before and after, trade shows are no different, and like life, it’s just as important to plan the before and make good use of the after.

Marketers have only a brief window of opportunity to attempt to capture the attention of potential clients, customers or buyers. With this in mind, we produce product and service videos that are informative and interesting, that highlight the features, advantages, and benefits of your product/service to be shown in your display booth. In short, it’s our job to use creative videos to lure prospects to you.

Trade Shows

The key to success in a trade show is to attract attention of a trade show audience. The reality of life is that we humans are attracted to things that move. Ask any fisherman. A video can take advantage of this by its very nature. However, no video is watched long if the viewer gets bored or can’t see the value of it. You can lose an audience within 15 seconds if the value statement is not there.

Audit Visuals’ methodology in video marketing trade shows is to create an upbeat awareness of a product or service and typically convey your company story, complete with testimonials in about 3-5 minutes. This can be done with or without a soundtrack. If you have been to a trade show, you know how noisy it can get so we add graphics and text to the message for better understanding of the content.


When you’re a start-up or an independent, you don’t like spending money without a return. With Audit Visuals Video Marketing Trade Shows experience you can create an engaging video for less than you think. Any video shot can be re-purposed for use in several channels for your trade show marketing. Videos are no longer sequestered to the screen inside your exhibit booth. You can embed in emails, share on social media, add to your website, etc.
By video marketing trade shows this is a great way to relive the trade show long after you have packed up. Enhance your trade show video investment by putting video in your website, or social media to strengthen your brand’s message and connect with your attendees.