One of the biggest challenges in video marketing real estate today is creating video content.

Let’s face it, as an agent you’re not meant to be self-producing video. (Not the best use of your time.) There is a learning curve to production, post-production, equipment, story-boarding, and the list goes on. And yet, video marketing is one of the trends that has a large impact on search engine optimization, mobile marketing, capturing attention, and traffic.

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”A place to chill”]Our approach to Video Marketing Real Estate is simple and strait forward. Give us the features and benefits of owning the home, the address and a key, we do the rest. We will submit a storyboard for your approval within 24 hours of giving us the assignment. Upon approval we can have a beta video for your review, presenting the finished video to you the next day. Our production methodology makes it easy for us to provide an affordable, unique, content-packed video marketing solution that is customizable, and has strong lead capture.

The value add is that our video is also mobile and email campaign compatible. Video marketing real estate content can also be re-purposed for editing to other video on your website/blog, upload directly to YouTube, share on your social channels, and it displays beautifully on mobile devices.

Our site review includes, but limited to the following:

• We look for cracked floors or counter tiles
• Patched holes in walls
• Burned-out-lights
• Worn out bedspreads
• Dirty windows
• Dirty faucets and mirrors
• Worn rugs
• Pet “tracks”
• Clean Bathroom towels
• Examine carefully how furniture is arranged and move pieces around if needed.
• Make sure window coverings hang level.
• Check landscape for “neat, clean, and cared for look”
• Check for unique features

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=” Video Is Impressive”]Video Storyboard Review:

We shoot one room at a time. Starting with the front door and moving through the home as if a guest would, to the living room, then the kitchen. The last shots being focused on the den and then the baths, bedrooms, and then the master bedroom and bath. When a buyer is considering buying a home they look in the closets and the pantry, as well as the garage. Therefore we include them in the video. Fixtures are shot as stills with detail if they are unique.

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