Video Based Learning is Market Effective

Video based learning, and instructional videos, produced by Audit Visuals have been successful for major organizations such as Trinity Industries, MailSort, Hunt Oil, Cinram Wireless, Southlake Chamber of Commerce  and others.  Our video productions in Southlake, Texas service the entire DFW area.

Audit Visuals develops, produces, and deploys instructional videos created from your existing training content.   Our videos can be produced to support classroom, instructor lead programs, or can stand on their own for independent learning.

Video Based Learning
There are many reasons why Video Based Learning is the most viable solution to meet the learning needs of business. Giving the pace of change and advancements being made in virtually all sectors of the economy.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to keep employees current without the use of the Internet and Video Based Learning. As information changes, so must learning materials. Other forms of learning make upgrades and updates nearly impossible to maintain. In Video Based Learning, most content changes can be made in a day.

In a traditional learning class, an instructor has a deadline to meet and must keep the class moving.  Too often, students are left hanging without a real understanding of what was taught.  Video Based Learning can move at the speed necessary for the student, not the instructor, and allows infinite opportunities for the student to review the material online.

Traditional learning depends on the individual skills of each instructor to deliver the message.  Different instructors add their own spin to the content and often brush over key points or do not teach the learning objectives at all.  Even though an entire corporation may have attended the same learning course, its employees do not always come away with the same level of understanding. Perhaps not even the same content base.  Inconsistent implementation is detrimental to true cultural change within an organization.  Video Based Learning provides consistent, professional delivery every time.

Video Based Learning is effective in a wide range of informational or training programs. Ranging from employee orientations and benefits roll-outs, to new product launches, to employee events to skills development.  In most cases the cost of producing a 15 min. Video Based Learning programs can be less than the combined cost of developing printed training materials.  With over 38 years of employee training and product development experience using video, we can improve the skills, abilities, and knowledge of your employees.

Video Based LearningThis is done by making your programs interesting and skills specific with measurable results. The three most effective are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. To learn, we depend on our senses to process the information around us. Most people tend to use their visual and auditory senses more than the others.