Event Marketing is fundamental to “Video Marketing”

Event Marketing strategy will include content that is relevant to the Customer/Attendee and based on the elements of the event itself. Video Marketing is the perfect form of advertising which allows a business or non-profit to communicate directly to the attendee, sponsor, or vender what they can expect of the event. When marketing an event you need to get right to the point of the message. It’s important to get your message out in the first 20-30 seconds of the video. When longer video is required to “tell your story” follow the 20-30 second spot with the details of the event and close with a call to action.

Although most Video Marketing clips have a track (voice over or music) the real message in event marketing is in the image or the string of images as in video. Remember, the media is the message. A straight forward video will tell the story better than the “flash and dash” that some editors like to add to the image. Bells and whistles are fine if you’re selling bells and whistles. You don’t want to have your viewer get lost in the graphics and not remember the reason they are watching. (Which is your message) Video Marketing is really visual story telling. The best way to tell people about your event is to tell the story of what it is, what will happen and why they should attend. By telling a visual story not only are the language processing parts in the brain activated, but any other area in the brain that is used when experiencing the events of the story are too. In short, your message is better understood and retained.

We know that people in the United States, and for the most part, around the world are consuming video content quickly and aggressively – binge watching full seasons of shows on Netflix, viewing cat videos on YouTube, or sharing quick videos on Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. So, how can you get your event known? Video Marketing.

In the sales cycle we have found that first you have to get the buyer’s attention. This is true of any product or service being sold. Event Marketing is no exception.Any concept that needs to be explained. Video Marketing is the one best ways to create goodwill and interest in 30 seconds. Video can explain what you do, how you do it and why you need it. It provides customer understanding and a call to action. All in less than a minute. For more information regarding Event Marketing you may want to click on the Marketo Website before you call us. This site will cover most of the bases and give you an idea of what questions to ask us.


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