Corporate Events Video gives a “longer life” to the event and greater ROI

Corporate events in your marketing strategy? Video of corporate events can be compelling, in addition to introducing potential buyers to your “other side”. Being not only your products or services, but also your employees and corporate culture.

Corporate Events Video Value

It’s not enough to simply plan Corporate Events. Event planners are now considering the “after event life” of an event. In short, how do you maximize the ROI of the event? The Miracle League of Southlake is a good example. Using video in fund raising successfully this past year.) Business events are most frequently viewed as an investment for a given purpose. Event planners are now, more than ever, needing to understand how to measure the true value of their programs.

After years of planning and executing event videos, Audit Visuals knows the event process cold. Most organizations understand how events improve business relationships, but now, more and more, they are recognizing the value of building relationships. With video for their key constituents and their client base. Video gives a “longer life” to your events as you can use event video on your website, social media, and your internal marketing programs.
What happens after the Corporate Event is Over?

You and your employees have worked hard to make your corporate event a success, but what happens alter the event itself is over? From a “success” standpoint, what was the ROI for the event, did anything change? In most cases, people employees go back to the workplace, the environmental clues are that old behaviors and thinking don’t change. One way to ensure that the event is remembered is with video. During the year after the event you can maintain the “good feeling” by showing clips from the event in reward and recognition schemes, social events and celebrations for key achievements as they happen.