Using Video in Strategic Communications

Strategic communications plans need to be the basis of every business, specific brand or project. That’s where Audit Visuals comes in, our videos have been used for reaching out to prospective buyers and clients, employee orientations, benefit re-enrollments, announcements, executive training, skills training and developing employee relations skills for supervisors.

Does your organization have a strategic communications plan? A thick binder with complex matrices and dozens of nested goals and objectives, carefully crafted over months following a series of grueling meetings with your management team or governing board? (They make great doorstops, don’t they?). Keep your binder, but replace it with video when it come time to communicate your plan to the team. Audit Visuals can simplify your plan, make it understandable, describe your vision and explain your strategies. Strategic communications is a discipline often neglected in an organization for many reasons, but time and talent are the two most common. Our specialty is visual communications, we produce “Internal Marketing

Policy Binders

Video in more interesting than Policy Binders

Videos” that are informative, educational, and interesting. The basis for keeping employees at any level focused on the message. Your corporate communications strategy has a huge impact on your corporation’s visibility and reputation. There are many techniques and possibilities for drawing up a corporate communication strategy. However, if video is not in the equation you may be creating a message, but you’re most likely not creating understanding.

A basic step in Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications“Identify the channels” that will insure that your message will be reach.  And that has to be video.Employees as well as job candidates now expect that video will be a part of a company’s communications strategy, and for good reason. The average person will spend more than eight hours a day in front of a screen. Computers at work, TVs at home, smart phones, tablets, digital billboards, etc.The basis of corporate communications is all about getting your message across.

Video is strategic communications format and channel that is being used more and more for the following reasons” 1.    Video is an excellent way to express a complex message in a short amount of time. 2.    Video simultaneously communicates to two senses: sight and hearing. 3.    Video can be seen anytime, anywhere, and in any language, and on any subject. 4.    Video is cost effective, video can be re-purposed for more than one target audience and can be updated in real time, unlike printed materials. 5.    Video has become an expectation.  Both for your employees, partners, and the end user. 6.    Video can also be a great “insurance plan” for high risk products and production.