Our goal is to not only meet your production expectations, but also your production budget targets in our pricing. Our standard pricing is set to be competitive and flexible to meet your budget requirements. We charge by using day rate, $750.00/day (6 hours), or sometimes a half-day rate of $500 – $600 (3-4 hours). Editing time is charged at $35.00 per hour. Basically, we figure out how much time will be spent on a project, then we apply the day rate and editing rate to come up with our total cost.

Price is always, and should be, agreed to in advance with our clients, so they know what the cost is before production begins. To start the project off we ask for a deposit of 50% of the agreed upon estimated billing. However, there is a thing called “scope creep” that can be an issue. We have had a few situations where a project takes longer than anticipated, due to a number of reasons, and the price has changed during the process due to content changes. Communication is the best way to avoid any potential cost issues.

PricingThe most frequently asked question is how much is a 3-minute video? Regardless of the video length, the answer is… it depends. It’s like my mom’s stew, the taste depended on what she put into it, and how long it took to cook.

There are real differences in products and services, and then there are perceived differences.  We feel that we offer a real differentiation in our videos for two reasons; quality-control, ( after all, it’s your money) and we work as a team with you to get it right. Part of getting it right is sticking to the timeline. We schedule our work to your expectations and budget, starting with a production meeting, and ending with the final cut.

William J. Buffington