Video Marketing as been Audit Visuals’ focus for the last 7 years, with a client focus on the small business owner, the independent professional, and corporate events. Our business stems from being able to produce high quality video productions, while working with a low budget format. If your marketing strategy includes video marketing, then you’re on the right track. The value of video marketing is that it drives imagination into action and turn browsers into buyers. Let Audit Visuals help take your brand to the market and drive clients to your door. Our business experience allows us to produce a single branding video, or create an entire video campaign that builds relationships and engage people with creative and meaningful content. Our client base includes doctors, advertising agencies, lawyers, manufacturers, trade show planners, retailers, sales and distribution…. The list goes on and on.

Why use Video Marketing?

  • Increases trust in your brand
  • A welcome change for your audience
  • Builds a pure, organic relationship with your audience
  • Using “video” in the subject line increases open rates by 19%
  • Increase time spent on your website by 2 minutes in comparison to sites without video content
  • Increases search ranking by 53 times! (Forrester)

The majority of our brain real estate is devoted to processing visual information. Our brain loves visuals and learns much faster from pictures than words. We’re really good at remembering pictures and they draw our attention. Called the Picture Superiority Effect, we remember 65% of what we have learned three days after, provided it is both a picture and a word shown together compared to 10% for just a word alone. Presenting information both audibly and visually reinforces information in multiple brain areas, this dual-encoding process increases the chance that material will be stored in long-term memory. A long standing truism is that the “burdens of understanding lie with the communicator”. How effective are your presentations? Are you using PowerPoint slides? Ever think about video?

An effective employee training and engagement strategy is crucial to a successful business. Well made training videos show how a particular process occurs. Rather than the trainee having to read or hear about it, they get to see what happens. This is really important for procedures that are difficult to show in a classroom environment (eg: doing a forklift safety check, operating the big machine that doesn’t fit in the classroom etc). This is effectively making an abstract concept (words about a process) more concrete (visuals) which helps people to better understand the information. We learn by watching people doing things, then doing. Our targeted video training provides content specific courses, designed to develop a powerful employee engagement strategy for both products, service and policy understanding. To learn about building an effective team, and engaging your employees with video, give us a call today, 214.205.7408. Or, if you would like to do some research before you give us a call, you might want to click on this site.  We love to share ideas and experiences with our clients and other industry leaders.