Why Video Marketing?

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Audit Visuals Video Productions….. why?

Video is the best media to deliver your message and establish your brand identity … period. According to “Business Wire”, over 50% of the U.S population watches video online.

Professionally generated video from Audit Visuals is the perfect marketing medium for the Web and the Social Media network. (In addition to employee communication of skills, policies, and benefits.) Audit Visuals videos are less expensive than print media and it is flexible and time sensitive. In most cases, your message can be ready for any Website, Intranet, or Social Media network within hours, not days.


With Audit Visuals’ video production format you can transform any content into a call to action. Whether it’s in house educational programs for employees or the consumer product market. This is done through the concept of “smart video” productions that focus on the content. We take the time to understand your business and your expectations. Video Based Learning is more effective than the traditional stand-up presentation, three-ring binder approached. We can deliver your message “anywhere, any time, and in any language.” In the consumer product market, Video Based Learning reduces product warranty cost, aids in regulatory compliance, improves customer satisfaction and is a “value add”, creating a point of difference for the consumer by providing dynamic, interactive 24/7-product knowledge to the consumer.

Our two target markets share similar problems in that both require a point of difference in the delivery and use of their product to the market place. The more knowledgeable the end user, the greater the satisfaction in the product. Our past experience has proven that to maximize your message effectiveness, you need a synergistic relationship between print advertising, social media, websites, and video marketing. Video Based Learning can link each of these mediums.