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Event Marketing

Audit Visuals Video Services includes “Event Marketing”. The successful Event Marketing strategy will include content that is relevant to the Customer/Attendee and based on the elements of the event itself. Video Marketing is the perfect form of advertising which allows a business or non-profit to communicate directly to the attendee, sponsor, or vender what they can expect of the event.

Video Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing is creating relevant content based on the persona of the viewer’s need or interest. It makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and digital billboards, to engage with consumers and other business partners. The marketing message (content) is launched on media such as social media, websites, and other mass distribution channels. Video is the perfect medium for Digital Marketing content.

Video Marketing Trade Shows

There are a number of reasons why video creates value when exhibiting at trade shows. Video can be used in the display booth for showing your product or service. This will get the attention of attendees. Also, if you video during the trade show the video it can be used after the show to incorporate into your marketing strategies in your website and social media. Video also can build relationships with the people that visit your booth, which can build qualified leads.

Social Media Video Marketing

The value of the various forms of social media, in our experience, appears to differ by company, product/service, and target market. But what does not differ is the level of acceptance by the target market or customer base. Using video services for social media marketing to promote your business is a cost effective way to reach a large buying audience. Video blogging, or “vlogging, is an effective way to draw attending to your product or service, and to your company’s personality.

Video Based Learning

An educational video can explain how your product or service works, and why buyers should buy. This is a concept that escapes most employee training or orientation programs. By using your existing intellectual capital regarding such issues as quality control, basic skills, and product knowledge, you can improve the quality of your training and expected outcomes.

Product Videos Sell Products

Like most — you’re probably on a very tight budget right now. You don’t have to spend a whole lot to do a series of videos for your product video though. With a budget of under $600.00, you can quickly create a series of professional videos for all your products. In fact, most of our Product Video projects end up being less than what you would pay for a 1/4 page ad in a local newspaper.


It’s a fact, most of us would rather act on a referral from a friend than make a purchase based on a sales pitch alone. The two things we want to know most about the seller/provider is “can we trust them” and “do they have credibility”. We want to know that the product/service will meet expectations and that we can trust the seller/provider. Using a glowing, fact-filled testimonial from a client, or customer, will be a key factor in the buyer’s decision making process.

Event Video

Are you including your corporate events in your marketing strategy? Video of corporate events can be compelling, in addition to introducing potential buyers to your “other side”, being not only your products or services, but also your employees and corporate culture.